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About us 

We seek for a human business approach

A family owned Company   transcending  to its second generation.  
Established in 1993 and located in a 18,000 m2 property with a  2500 m2  plant in Tlaxcala, Mexico  (Central Mexico). 


The philosophy our CEO and founder is that a Company should be a source of intellectual and human wealth and as consequence of the  team's effort we will generate the  material wealth.


Although our origins were in the wood industry, it was on the metal stamping  parts where we found our true call and we became really good at them.
We have developed and manufactured hundreds differentes parts for  industries such as automotive, electrical, household appliances, ceramics, shelves for libraries,  among others.


“The most valuable tool is the human team. Effort, unification and confidence, inspired by the  constant work help us build our company”

Our main values

1. Honesty

2. Confidence

3. Loyalty

4. Respect

Capabilities and Equipment

Our current production area is 2,000 m² (21,527 ft), with an additional growth area of 15,000 m² (161,458 ft).


Our stamping press capability ranges from 5 - 300 tons. Hydraulic Shearing Machine capability from 0.250" - 10 ft (3m). CNC Press Brake Machine capability up to 90 tons and 10ft (3m) long.

We also have our own in-house Welding MIG Area.


Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Up to 180,000 pieces monthly, with rotating shifts if necessary.

  • Up to 20 different part numbers simultaneously.

  • Since 2017 our annual percentage of internal non-conformity is less than 0.19%.

  • Direct and indirect exporters since 1996, our main market  is USA. 

  • 100% compliance with delivery programs.

Finishing Areas

Semi-automated powder coating system with a capability of pieces up to 90" long x 36" wide (2.28m x 0.914m)

Some of our Clients

Regardless of the complexity or size of your order, we are able to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices on time. No matter the type of industry, if you need custom metal stamping or assemblies, we can handle jobs of all sizes.

Contact us today to discuss your project and how we might serve you.

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